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jules-et-jimIf like me you love American “film-noir” and French “New Wave” then you will know what a huge effect the music has on the atmosphere of such films. And, unsurprisingly, the music most associated with these movies is jazz. This mix represents a selection of music from fifties and sixties films that I love. It features tracks from Miles Davis,  Joseph Gershenson,  Andrzej Trzaskowski,  Alex North,  Krzysztof Komeda and more.

So, sit back, close your eyes and imagine you are sitting in a smoky club in Paris. Up on the bandstand Miles Davis is blowing horn and at the next table Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jeanne Moreau are smoking Gauloise and drinking Absinthe. Fade to black….

I have to admit it! I have been rather lax with this blog of late. I have not been keeping you up to date on my latest musical mixes. Well, there is rather a backlog of other stuff you absolutely must check out, if you are a jazz music fan. So check out all the mixes below. If you like them, let me know, I love to get feedback.


International Jazz Day | DJ2tee


In November 2011, UNESCO officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. International Jazz Day brings together communities and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots. Each year on April 30, this international art form is recognized for promoting peace and dialogue among cultures. 

This year I will be taking part in International Jazz Day by spinning some of my favourite tunes on Ness Radio along with some of the world’s best jazz DJ’s.


I hope you will take some time out to listen and support one of music’s greatest artforms. Not only will you hear music that moves your feet, you will also hear music to move your soul. In my selection, expect to hear John Coltrane, Archie Shepp, Art Blakey, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Charles Mingus and many more. So please give the music a listen, as Art Blakey said: “Music washes away the dust of every day life”.


lp.aspxJust published my new novel BROKEN and in a blatant piece of self promotion I have posted the mix below. The novel take place in Yorkshire in 1979 and concerns a series of unexplained deaths. Here’s the publishers blurb:

When university lecturer Morris Lane’s grandfather is found brutally murdered in his home, there appears no motive for the killing. But before long, Morris uncovers a secret that will ultimately threaten his life. As Morris digs deeper into the riddle, each revelation reveals another piece to the puzzle. Caught in a spiral of self-pity, Morris’ life starts to unravel as he loses himself in a vortex of sex and alcohol. Who will save Morris from himself? Will it be beautiful student Skye Laroche or police detective Dobrilla Koudelka? As he lurches from crisis to crisis, Morris realises that his world has become BROKEN. His only chance of redemption seems to lay in solving the mystery of his grandfather’s death. But, will collecting the pieces of the puzzle help reclaim his soul, or will it leave him reeling at the hands of an obscure enemy.

You can find it on UK amazon here:

It is on all other Amazon outlets worldwide.

The mix itself features tracks that came out in 1979, mostly jazz-funk. If you don’t read book, just enjoy the mix.

Emotionally Wired

I was feeling a little emotional wired today so I posted a new mix on Mixcloud to alleviate my symptoms. Not sure it worked, but what the heck! If you are expecting straight-ahead jazz, think again. This mix concentrates for the most part on modern artists who use jazz as a stepping off point for excursions into electronica, or jazz artists who are pushing the envelope beyond the confines of jazz into new areas. There are a couple of early seventies tracks, just to leaven the mix. Jazz buffs check it out – electronic heads tune in. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. If you enjoy, let me know.


For a moment, summer came to the UK, before the rains returned to deluge us. To cheer those of you shivering under grey skies, this mix is intended to warm you up with some hot Brazilian tracks. But to be honest, this music would  heat up even the hottest climates!

So what we got? Well, if you expect straight ahead bossa nova forget it. Yes, there is some in the mix, but this selection mixes, bossa, samba and tropicalia with the sound of modern Brazil. There are some old classics in the mix, but this is leavened with new music from artists such as Lucas Santtana. With the world cup on the horizon, you will be hearing more of this music, so steal a march and get listening now!


Interesting new mix from my American cousin Pierce Inverarity. A selection of jazz/avante-garde tracks from Ensembles. For a while back in the seventies many jazz bands became ensembles. A statement of intent? We are not your average common or garden musical combo – we are serious! Many of these ensembles tend toward the avant garde end of the spectrum, merging jazz with classical and some serious discordant colours. Looking through the track list there are some of my personal favourites on board. Such as, Steve Reid, P.E. Hewitt and Bobo Shaw. Anyways, if you want to discover the kind of jazz noise ensembles manufacture, check out the mix.


Top Twenty Mixes | DJ2tee | Mixcloud


It’s always difficult to predict what will go down well with the punters on Mixcloud. For example, many of my friends are heavily into early seventies spiritual jazz, me too. But it appears that the listeners on Mixcloud are not that enamoured with the genre. I consistently get low volumes of listeners when I post a spiritual jazz mix. Quite the opposite for Japanese jazz, it always gets a lot of plays. Why? Does Mixcloud have a hardcore of Japanese jazz aficionados? Search me! I wish I knew. In order to try and analyse my listening trends I have logged my plays over the last six months. Surprisingly, my mix inspired by Eric Satie came top of the list. There must be a lot of Satie fans out there. Well I guess there are, but I didn’t expect so many on Mixcloud. Spanish Jazz came a close second, lets here it for the Iberian peninsular. And, in third place “Verse” my poetry and jazz joint, another surprise. Must be some Ginsberg fans in the mix!

Anyway, here is my top twenty mixes – take a listen if you care to, but I’d be just as happy if you checked out some of my less successful mixes at: They are all my children and just because they failed to make the charts doesn’t mean I’m any less proud of them.


01 Satie
02 Jazz Espana
03 Verse
04 The Crusaders
05 Unusual Suspects
06 Jazz Reggae
07 Japanese Jazz 2
08 Japanese Jazz 3
09 Japanese Jazz 1
10 Universal Musical Mind
11 Nordic Noir
12 Turkish Delight
13 Talk to the People
14 The Joyous Sound of Flute
15 Ocean of Sound
16 Modal Jazz
17 Bad Sneakers
18 Polish Jazz
19 Amen Break
20 Afro-Blue