Electric / Eclectic

At the the end of the sixties many jazz musicians wanted to become rock stars. Miles Davis with “Bitches Brew” and “Live-Evil” was one of the first to embrace the use of electronic instruments. Many others jumped on the bandwagon and distorted trumpet and saxophone became the norm. It spawned the much maligned jazz-fusion movement. This mix concentrates, for the most part, on the early experiments with electronics, before the edges were smoothed out. There’s some seriously good music on here – embrace your inner jazz-God!

Track List

Miles Davis-Gemini / Double Image
Eddie Harris-Penthology
Jean-Luc Ponty-King Kong
Joe Henderson-Gazelle
Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos-Pygmy
Hal Galper-Point of View
Miho Kei & Jazz Eleven-Kikazaru
Wolfgang Dauner-Kabul
Donald Byrd-Estavanico
John McLaughlin-Peace One
Michael White-John Coltrane Was Here
The Soft Machine-Pigling Bland
Curtis Fuller-Maze
Don Rendell-Space Walk
Bob Downes-Walking On
Larry Coryell-Gypsy Queen


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