Mixcloud listeners tend to be a little fickle. It’s difficult to gauge just how well a mix will go down with listeners. I have some mixes which I personally rate, that have had hardly any listens, whilst others take off like a rocket. This new mix HAPPY is a case in point. In a few days it has become the third most popular mix that I’ve ever posted.

One of my Twitter compatriots @nigelrampant has suggested it is because it has the same name as the UK’s best selling single Happy by Pharrell Williams. But to be honest this mix is jazz and some of it quite challenging music. So that doesn’t really explain it. I can’t imagine hard-core Pharrell fans flocking to listen to it and suddenly becoming jazz converts. Maybe I’m just being snobbish, perhaps Pharrell devotees are into an eclectic mix of music. In fact, thinking about it I quite like Pharrell myself. Not sure about the hat though!

The reason I called this mix HAPPY, comes from the cover design. If you are an admirer of the German record label COMPOST, you will probably realise the cover is a blatant rip-off (I mean tribute) of their Glücklich album. I have substituted the VW Beetle for a Morris Minor and changed the title to HAPPY.
Glucklich front

Why HAPPY? Because Glücklich means happy. So Pharrell doesn’t really come into the equation. But if you Pharrell heads want to check out some “awesome” jazz, be my guest.


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