lp.aspxJust published my new novel BROKEN and in a blatant piece of self promotion I have posted the mix below. The novel take place in Yorkshire in 1979 and concerns a series of unexplained deaths. Here’s the publishers blurb:

When university lecturer Morris Lane’s grandfather is found brutally murdered in his home, there appears no motive for the killing. But before long, Morris uncovers a secret that will ultimately threaten his life. As Morris digs deeper into the riddle, each revelation reveals another piece to the puzzle. Caught in a spiral of self-pity, Morris’ life starts to unravel as he loses himself in a vortex of sex and alcohol. Who will save Morris from himself? Will it be beautiful student Skye Laroche or police detective Dobrilla Koudelka? As he lurches from crisis to crisis, Morris realises that his world has become BROKEN. His only chance of redemption seems to lay in solving the mystery of his grandfather’s death. But, will collecting the pieces of the puzzle help reclaim his soul, or will it leave him reeling at the hands of an obscure enemy.

You can find it on UK amazon here:

It is on all other Amazon outlets worldwide.

The mix itself features tracks that came out in 1979, mostly jazz-funk. If you don’t read book, just enjoy the mix.


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