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What makes a DJ mix popular? To be perfectly frank – I have no idea. I’ve been doing the virtual DJ thing for a while on MixCloud and I am always slightly surprised at the popularity of certain mixes. I suppose to a certain extent it depends on the popularity with your peer DJs. There is an element of nepotism on MixCloud, if a top DJ likes your mix, then you are guaranteed extra plays. How you get to be a top DJ on MixCloud, seems to an esoteric process on which the personal preferences of the MixCloud politburo seems to play a large part. I specialist in jazz and to be “really” popular you have to be included in the Jazz category. I have never managed that yet. The choice of categorised DJ seems a bit hit and miss. There are people in there who have far less followers than me. I have asked MIxcloud about that and never really got a proper answer. Maybe I should send them a box of chocolates!

Anyhow, that’s my rant over. Below are the top ten of my most popular mixes. If you fancy a listen, just click on an image. As always I value your comments. You can leave a comment here or on Mixcloud. If you do like a mix, please love it or Tweet it.

Afro Blue

1. Afro Blue

Donald Byrd

2. Donald Byrd

Afro Blue

3. Afro-Funk

Donald Byrd

4. Japanese Jazz

Afro Blue

5 Nordic Noir

Donald Byrd

6. Japanese Jazz 2

Afro Blue

7. Talk to the People

Donald Byrd

8. Universal Musical Mind

Afro Blue

9. Is That Jazz?

Donald Byrd

10. Bad Sneakers


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