The Accidental DJ Plays: Contemporary Jazz


It’s easy to think of the past as being a golden age. There are some jazzers out there who will only listen fifties be-bop or trad or some other ancient genre. This does an injustice to the current crop of players. Sure, those fifties guys laid out a template which is still in current use, but there are many modern players who are using and subverting that template. With that in mind my latest mix on Mixlr gives proper respects to some players who are carrying the torch forward. Some of these new players are breaking new ground, some are merely keeping the tradition alive, but they all deserve a listen. I have tried to highlight some of the lesser known players. It was tempting to drop some Robert Glasper, but he is ubiquitous at the moment. This mix is around two hours and the track selection is pretty arbitrary. I originally had about seven hours, but whittled it down to a more manageable size. Some you might dig, some you might hate. But be sure to give it a listen.

Angá Diaz    A Love Supreme    5:52
Alon Nechushtan    Muppet Shock    5:22
Austin Mcmahon    Platone    6:12
Backlash Jazz Quintet    Let it Rip, Albert    5:20
Avishai Cohen    Feediop    5:54
Alex Janz    Play The Game    5:55
Atomic    Cleaning The Dome    5:31
Alex Sipiagin    Returning    11:02
Adam De Lucia’s Tektonics    The Far Groove    4:20
The Accidental Big Band    The Stinger’s Apprentice (feat. Kim May)    6:30
Adam Czerwinski Band    Sounds and Colors    7:30
Andrea Pozza Trio    Nebulosa    5:55
Andre Zimma Vs YE:SOLAR    Cosmic Tree    4:23
Aaron Parks    Karma    8:06
Baaba    1126    7:19
Afro Bop Alliance    Afro Green    8:17
Andy Milne    I Shot the Sheriff    5:48
Alex Machacek    D-Lite    7:18
Anders Larson Quartet    Unborn    8:20

PS. I pinched the picture above from the John Beasley album: MONK’estra, a BIG modern jazz BAND. Can I suggest you check out the source and Beasley’s other project 3 Brave Souls.

PPS. Just noticed there really is a DJ called “the Accidental DJ” in fact more than one. Apologies to all accidental DJs wherever you may be.


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