Spiritual Jazz Marathon


Recently in my latest foray into virtual DJism, I played an eight hour selection of “Spiritual Jazz” tracks on Mixlr. Spiritual jazz was an easy way to tag this selection of music, but like any pigeon hole, it doesn’t really do the music any favours. Much of the music could just about fit into that category, but some sits there uneasily. What makes music spiritual? Is it a set of proscribed rules or is a feeling? I’m no expert, so in the end I went for music with a particular vibe. Whether you agree my selection fits into what you would personally define as spiritual jazz, or not, is debatable. But who cares, lets not get into semantic debates, in my humble opinion all the music I played is great stuff. I hope you jazz heads agree. You can catch the full eight hour session at:


I had some requests for a list of the tracks played. This is shown below – perversely in reverse order. Apologies for the small type face, but I didn’t fancy typing out the whole list.

Untitled 2


Untitled4 copy


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