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Okay I admit it, in a blatant attempt to grab your attention I’ve included a photograph of the lovely Sofie Gråbøl AKA Sarah Lund from The Killing. Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get the the real reason for this blog. A shameless hype for my latest music mix.

Always a fan of Scandinavian musicians such as Jan Garberek and Esbjörn Svensson, I decided to mix up a few of my favourites. So what is it about Scandinavian jazz? For a start it is markedly different from its American root. Far from the heat of the USA – Nordic jazz has an icy glacial quality that captures the feel of wide open spaces. Strongly ambient and deeply melodic, it touches a space inside the listener that is melancholic yet at the same time uplifting.

Of course not all Nordic jazz complies with the ECM* template – The Thing for an example take free jazz as their stepping off point and Finnish musicians The Five Corner Quintet blow in a Jazz Messengers style. Strictly speaking some of the bands I’ve included, such as Röyksopp, are not really jazz. But you’ll just have to live with that! The mix features a cross section of nordic music and features some lesser known artists as well as some legends. So hunker down in your aerie with a glass of Absolut and enjoy.

*Manfred Eicher’s German record label – home of Jan Garbarek – famous for its austere and ambient studio sound.


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