Jazz & Hip Hop


As part of my continuing quest to become a virtual DJ, I hosted the second of my occasional shows on Mixlr.  This time, instead of seventies jazz, I concentrated on putting together a melange of Jazz & Hip-hop. I wondered whether putting my webcast into the hip-hop category would increase my listenership. Indeed it did. I rose to the giddy hights of four listeners. I was not disappointed. This after all, was double the number I achieved on my first outing. If I keep on progressing at this rate I will be challenging Radio 6 by the year 3005. Undoubtedly I will be dead, but who knows by some cryogenic miracle I might be able to broadcast across the great divide.

For those of you who were unable to listen to my triumphant session – you can access the recording to play back at your leisure. It contains some old favourites such as Gang Starr and Stetasonic, some more up to date jams from new favourites such as Oddisee. I also give respect to the UK scene with Ty, Speech Debelle, Soweto Kinch, Urban Species and Chapter & The Verse. So if that wets your musical taste buds, you can access the mix at:


Track List

Gang Starr  Jazz Thing (Video Mix)
Greg Osby    Man Talk (Talkin’ Loud Mix)
People Under the Stairs    Crazy Live
Urbanator    Hot Jazz Biscuits
The Roots    Essaywhuman?!!!??!
Dr Who Dat?    Pharoah’s Dream Feat. Capital Peoples
daKAH Hip Hop Orchestra    You Know Who We Are
Little Brother    The Way You Do It (Dirty)
Heavy D & The Boyz    Blue Funk
Oddisee    Chocolate City Dreaming
Rahzel    Steal My Soul
Antipop Consortium    What Am I?
The Brecker Brothers    Big Idea (Shortwave)
Cas Metah & MotionPlus    Be Myself
Us3    Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) [Live]
Ty    Groovement, Part 1
Jurassic 5    Swing Set
Chapter & The Verse    Black Whip
Quasimoto    Jazz Cats, Pt. 1
The Shotgun Wedding Quintet    Primetime Man
Dangerdoom    Sofa King
De La Soul    Stakes Is High
The Nonce    Who Falls Apart?
Kidkanevil    The Lo-Fi Club
Q-Tip    You
Buckshot LeFonque    Black Monday
The Poets Of Rhythm    Discern / Define
People Under The Stairs    Selfish Destruction
Mos Def    Umi Says
Ty    Music 2 Fly 2
Lyric L    Ooh U & I
Spearhead    Oh My God
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist    Product Placement
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth     Skins (feat. Grand Puba)
Souls Of Mischief    Soundscience
Stetsasonic    Takin’ All That Jazz
Speech Debelle    The Key
Ty    Wait (feat. Leo Ihenacho & Soweto Kinch)
Blackalicious    A To G
Haz Solo    Brown Paper Bag
JustMe, Cas Metah    Friendly Reminder (feat. Theory Hazit)
Soweto Kinch    Raise Your Spirit
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy    Television, The Drug Of The Nation (LP Version)
Common    Pops Rap III…All My Children
Sotu the Traveller    Daydreams ft. Gregg Green & Tasha
Scienz Of Life    Divine Powerz
Kolade    Kolade vs. Ron Trent (Fonk Jazz)
Lewis Parker    The Unseen Trap (ft. John Robinson)
Kutiman    I Just Want To Make Love To You
Freestyle Fellowship    Inner City Boundaries
Mellow Drum Addict & Shortop    Fire Escape Artists
Vex Davortex    The Untold Story- Part I
Urban Species    Brother Live [BBC Version]
Common    Go! Feat. Joy Denalane (Jazzanova Remix Main)
Cee-Lo    Bass Head Jazz
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band    Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) (feat. Guru)


2 Replies to “Jazz & Hip Hop”

  1. Loved this. Was happy to hype on a twitter and drum up a heady eight listeners at one point. Deserved way more of course. Great mixture of all sorts of leftfield jazzy hiphop from classic Old Skool to current cuts. Fabulous.

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