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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a “live” virtual DJ? Well using Mixlr ( you can be. Had a shot at it last night with a four hour seventies jazz mix. Broadcasting into the aether is interesting, but by no means rewarding in terms of listener figures. After a slow start I managed to get up to two listeners, who I held on to for the duration of the broadcast. I know jazz is a minority taste, but please! I suppose it’s a case of putting yourself around a bit and building a following. My hope is that the broadcast was being picked up on Mercury or some far off constellation and the aliens were getting down and dirty to Pharoah Sanders.

For anyone interested you can hear the recording of the programme at:

For those interested the tracks played are listed below.

Finally big shout out to Black Classical (@rndqd ) and Ramps (@NigelRampant) for championing the music and for being amusing Twitter colleagues.


New Horizons    Sounds of Liberation
Tulsa Black    Cecil McBee
Memories Of Edith Johnson    Pharoah Sanders
Niara    Doug Lucas
Zombizar    Barney Wilen
Lions Of Judah    Steve Reid
Bag’s Groove    Leon Thomas
Casbah    Abdul Rahim Ibrahim
Now I’ll Sleep    Charles Sullivan
Khalid of Space, Pt. 2 Welcome    Larry Young
Bonner’s Bounce    Joe Bonner
Astral Travelling    Pharoah Sanders
Song For Mozambique/poem: A Sea Of Faces     Archie Shepp
Ode to Ethiopia    The John Betsch Society
Time Is Running Out    Phil Ranelin
Handwoven    Ed Blackwell with Don Cherry, Charlie Haden
Steam    Charles Greenlee
The Last Prophet    Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth
Triangle    Joseph Bonner
Moonchild    Doug Carn
Mystic Beauty    Reggie Andrews and the Fellowship
When Will It Ever End?    The Awakening
Amir    Henri Texier
Power and Glory    Doug Carn
Circle    Chico Freeman Quartet
The Awakening    Billy Harper
Prayer for Love & Peace    Jothan Callins & The Sounds of Togetherness
The Highest Pleasure    Rudolph Johnson
Hexagon    Kalaparusha Maurice Mcintyre Quartet
Tribal Dance    Henry Franklin
Freedom Struggle    James Vincent
My Favourite Things    Gene Russell
John Coltrane    Clifford Jordan
Two Over One    Chico Freeman
Hibiscus    Andy Bey
Pt. 2 Warriors Dance: Little Don    Don Pullen, Chico Freeman, Fred Hopkins, Bobby Battle.
Beyond The New Horizon    Charles Bobo Shaw / Human Arts Ensemble
Shawn-Neeq    Calvin Keys


2 Replies to “Astral Travelling | Mixlr | DJ2tee”

  1. Loved it – thanks for the devotion to the music! It was a buzz hearing some of my faves that I have dropped into my Mixcloud mixes.
    I’ll be promoting the showreel on Twitter to try and get some if the listens this deserves.

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